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A simple and effective advertising product that works by attracting attention – a poster. With its help, you can convey important information to a potential client, pay attention to an upcoming event, notify about discounts and special offers, decorate the interior of an office or store. Also, the printing of posters is often relevant as teaching aids, visual materials. It is important to find the optimal place for such advertising: where it will be seen by the most interested audience.

The “First Experimental Printing House” in Kharkov has been manufacturing printing products for over 19 years. In the range of our services, you will also find posters to order – we conduct and control the entire process from scratch, from creating or revising the layout to post-printing and sending to the customer. This is very convenient, since you do not need to spend time and money separately on creating a design and then printing. A complete solution is always faster and cheaper. We suggest you order the production of posters and posters from us at the best prices!

Varieties of posters

In 1863, the underground opened in London. But Londoners, superstitious and suspicious of all innovations, were in no hurry to go underground, fearing both the newest form of transport and the ghosts that could lurk in the empty cool corridors. Thus, the subway was empty until the director came up with an original way out of the situation. He asked all the artists that were relevant at that time to draw and hang bright posters throughout the city telling about the benefits of the new product.

As we can see now, the action was a success, and the underground in London was filled with thousands of people rushing about their business. Since then, the poster has become one of the most persuasive forms of communication in the 20th century. After the “trick” of the director of the subway, thousands of entrepreneurs wanted to order an advertising poster, wishing to popularize their business.

Laconic and vivid visual images and slogans, clearly visible from a great distance, attracted the interest of a potential audience. To create the posters, the most noticeable, flashy pictures, a wide range of colors were used. This direction has become a new kind of pictorial art. Posters can be found among the works of Malevich, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and many other artists. Over time, the products have been more and more improved and acquired a certain direction. Today, making posters to order is relevant for advertising campaigns of large and small organizations, startups. In addition, there are the following types of printing:

  • Informational. They provide the audience with useful information about an event, event, promotions, company. Codes of rules, diagrams, graphics are printed on information posters.
  • Congratulatory. Effectively designed congratulations for the birthday person, newlyweds, colleagues will be remembered for a long time. It’s much more creative than a small greeting card, and certainly not more expensive in terms of cost!
  • Socio-cultural, creative. How many posters with images of your favorite musicians and actors hung on your walls as a child? Our printing house offers to recall the old days – printing of posters can be ordered with images of cult personalities of our time, celebrities, etc.
  • Patriotic, acutely social. If the problems of the state and society are not alien to you, you can draw attention to the problem with the help of a biting, frank, thoughtful poster on any topic.
  • Educational. The use of large-format materials is important when explaining new material, passing tests, defending diplomas. It is much easier to entrust the work to professionals than to spend personal time on independent drawing and drawings.

Whichever option you order, we will do our best to bring the stated idea to life. Production, printing of posters in the “First Experimental Printing House” will give you an ideal solution to the task in the shortest possible time.

Why order a promotional poster?

Among all advertising printing, it is the poster that takes the honorable place of the industry leader. What are its advantages over other types of printed matter?

  • Flexible subject matter. We have already found out what posters are, and saw that they can be used to present absolutely any information to the audience, including advertising. By ordering this printing, you can easily solve business problems, attract new customers, inform about the planned event, congratulate you on the holiday, raise an acute topic.
  • Large assortment of formats. Products come in different sizes: large-format poster printing will allow you to create high-quality outdoor advertising in A1, A2. And small printing in A4, A5 can be placed indoors, in transport, office.
  • Excellent visibility. The main goal of good print advertising is to attract maximum attention, but without imposing on the consumer. The poster copes with the task perfectly: brightly designed, with a catchy headline, it always lingers for a few seconds. Wherein, the personal boundaries of the passer-by are not violated. In this context, information is better perceived, assimilated and stored in memory, so that it can then emerge to the surface at the right time.
  • Long-term. Once you’ve invested in poster printing, you can safely watch the campaign’s results. Posters work around the clock, for a long time. If the leaflets or brochures are thrown away by consumers immediately after reading, then the posters can be seen every day for a week, a month or even more, depending on the quality of the paper.
  • Economic benefit. The price for printing posters is low, and the return on such an investment is quite quick. The most expensive thing will be to create an A1 format product with excellent graphics, due to the use of large-format equipment. For other options, the cost will be lower and more affordable.

Options for ordering a quality poster?

“The First Experimental Printing House” offers two main printing methods – digital and offset. The first is relevant in cases when you need a small edition of the highest quality in a short time. Digital equipment allows you to perform full-color printing in the most saturated colors. If you need to print large posters, this technology is recommended, as well as a high-resolution image.

An offset is suitable for a large number of posters that need to be printed at the same time. The technique requires a long preparation, so it will not be possible to create products quickly using an offset method. But this is a great way to save money: the larger the circulation, the cheaper the cost of one unit of production ends up being.

The work uses ordinary, glossy and semi-glossy paper. The optimal solution for the price and visual perception is the semi-gloss option. It perfectly conveys all the gloss of printing, its premium level. Dust does not accumulate on such a poster, and he himself is able to withstand the vagaries of the environment for a long time.

Plain paper is used to create short-term posters, information, advertising. Glossy is a solution for elite companies that already have a high reputation and prestige.

Much attention is paid to design. Here, your fantasies are unlimited. But it is worth adhering to these rules:

  • Good readability of the text.
  • Long distance visibility.
  • One poster – one dominant image.
  • There is a lot of “air” between the components of the poster.
  • Spelling, punctuation.
  • The presence of a call for a specific action.

Experts of the First Experimental Printing House will create the perfect design for you, taking into account all your wishes and requirements. For the printing of posters, the price is formed in our complex, so you can discuss this issue directly with the manager of the printing house.

Finished works can be obtained by self-pickup in Kharkov, by courier to any address, or pick up from the point of issue of one of the transport services throughout Ukraine.

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