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The advertising brochure will briefly and succinctly introduce a potential buyer to the activities of your company. Due to the brightness, attractiveness, high-quality processing, and accessible information, the production of brochures is considered a very effective way of promotion. Marketers widely use this type of printing in advertising campaigns. If you are looking to increase sales or increase brand awareness, we recommend contacting First Model Printers to order a batch of brochures. We have been providing printing services for many years, so we know enough about the process and will help you create the perfect working product.

Brochures and their types

The brochure belongs to the type of multi-page printing, which significantly expands its capabilities in comparison with other types of print advertising. If you want to order brochure printing, the cost of the service at First Exemplary Printing House will not hit your budget. Depending on the purpose of use, all brochures are divided into three categories:

  • Advertising – with a promise to increase sales. May contain information about the product, its benefits, benefits for a potential buyer.
  • Informational – providing the user with any useful knowledge, facts about products and related areas.
  • Presentation – to familiarize the audience with the brand, product. As a rule, they are prepared for various events – presentations, conferences, seminars.

Before ordering the printing of brochures, you can get advice from our specialists and choose the most convenient and useful version of the product. We carry out a full cycle of work, from creating a layout to post-printing processing.

How much does it cost to print brochures?

Printing products are an inexpensive way to advertise goods, services, brands. And the brochure is no exception. You can order the printing of brochures by agreeing with the manager the cost of all services included in the package. The budget is calculated taking into account the following parameters:

  • Printing format, number of pages.
  • Type of binding of sheets.
  • The complexity and size of the images.
  • Printing technology.
  • Circulation.
  • Production time.
  • Availability of related services.

Thus, the cost of the order is determined individually. Our experts will help you understand each point, outline the main points and choose the most optimal solution. In order for the products to fulfill all the functions that the printing industry should perform, it is better to order the production of brochures in the “First Exemplary Printing House” in Kharkov.

Features and stages of printing

The creation of printing begins with design. If you already have a ready-made layout, the work is greatly simplified. Otherwise, our designers will be able to create an ideal option for you, taking into account all your wishes, business specialization, and potential audience.

The visual component for a brochure is very important, as this is an image printing. It depends on how attractive the product looks to the reader, whether it lingers in the hands or is immediately forgotten. In creating a design, it is important not only a harmonious combination of colors, the arrangement of elements, but also a competent layout.

The printing house carries out printing of brochures in two ways – digital and offset. The first one is suitable for prompt execution of the order, a small edition will be ready on the day of the order. If you are looking for a large number of products, it is better to choose offset printing. The larger the circulation, the less is the cost of one unit of goods. A wide range of colors and the ability to use pantone colors are available for offset, which make the finished image brighter, more colorful and “juicy”.

To connect the sheets of the product, staples, springs, paper clips, thread, glue are used. Not only the price of brochure printing depends on the option chosen, but also the durability, the possibilities for placing images.

Postprinting is an important part of the process of creating a beautiful and effective brochure. It adds decorativeness to the product, makes it more attractive and prestigious in the eyes of the audience. So, for example, printing with silver or gold embossing on the cover, just throwing it into the trash bin will not raise your hand. Therefore, the reader is more likely to open the “booklet” and read what is hidden under the incredibly beautiful design.

Order brochures in any edition at First Exemplary Printing House

With our printing house, all your ideas and wishes will be realized in the best possible way. Well-crafted brochures will attract the attention of the audience, help expand the client base, increase brand awareness, increase sales, stand out from the competitor and have a positive effect on the company’s image and reputation.

To order the production of printing, call the numbers indicated on the website or come to our office in Kharkov. Together with you, we will develop quality printed products for any business. Offset and digital printing of brochures is also performed for other regions of Ukraine with delivery by the selected transport company.

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