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First experimental typography

The first experimental printing house offers a wide range of printing services for solving business, advertising, personal needs. Since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, the products made with it have not lost their relevance. Over time, technologies have changed, equipment has been improved, new printing methods have emerged, and today this area includes a wide range of works. On our website you can find information on all printing services that our printing house performs in a comprehensive manner: from creating a layout to sending it by mail.

Variety of printing products

Modern operational printing is able to solve many issues in all areas of activity. Depending on the purpose, it is divided into:

  • Representative. It includes business cards, invitations, folders, notebooks and any other products with corporate symbols. The purpose of such products is – popularize the brand, make it recognizable among hundreds of others, and also emphasize the impeccable style and prestige of the company. They are always greeted “by their clothes”, and in the case of business, such “clothes” is exactly representative printing. It must be of high quality and stylish. In addition to its main purpose, it can also serve advertising purposes.
  • Advertising. This is printing, which is aimed at disseminating and delivering information to as many people as possible. Catalogs, leaflets, flyers, booklets, posters, posters and other typical advertising printing work at the expense of the visual component. If a potential client turns his attention to advertising, you can assume that he is already in your pocket. Therefore, the creation of advertising products should be approached seriously and responsibly, if you do not want to “drain” your advertising budget to nowhere.
  • Journal and book. Previously, it was possible to print your book or publish a magazine only through large publishers and large circulations. Today the issue can be solved much easier – printing of printed products in limited quantities can be ordered from the printing house. This includes corporate correspondence – periodical newspaper and magazine editions of the company, books about achievements and successes; educational products, entertainment magazines. If you want to release your own book as a gift to your close people, friends, “The First Experimental Printing House” is ready to provide all conditions and the best cost.
  • Informational. Including reference books, catalogs, calendars, almanacs and other products that provide audiences with various neutral-colored information. Despite the popularization of electronic methods of acquiring knowledge, printed publications are still popular and are not going to disappear into oblivion.

Why printing is still relevant in the digital age

Today, more and more often one can hear the opinion that paper editions – a relic of the past. There is a digitization of everything – books, magazines, advertising, information, high technologies penetrate deeper into our life, replacing everything. However, it is not so easy to “etch away” what has been accumulating for centuries. In some aspects, it has really become more convenient to use the achievements of electronics, but advertising printing is still a relevant and demanded tool in the hands of marketers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Focus. According to the results of many studies, a person perceives and assimilates printed information better. Readers of paper books can focus longer on what they are reading. While fans of online publications are often distracted, accustomed to perceiving only small amounts of electronic information.
  • Stimulation of the senses. A print edition that you can touch with your hands, feeling the pleasant coolness of smooth pages, evokes more thrill, trust and acceptance than a faceless online magazine. Influencing all the senses at once, the printing industry totally wins in this biathlon. People also like the portability and compactness of printing as well as its high information content.
  • Part of life. Wherever we go, on the way we will surely meet at least 2-3 types of printed printing for business. Posters, posters, billboards, booklets, catalogs – it surrounds us everywhere, and sometimes it seems that there is too much of it. But as soon as advertising offers are removed from the walls of metro cars, uncomfortableness and emptiness are immediately felt. We are so accustomed to the presence of paper advertising that it will not be easy to refuse it.
  • Economic benefit. To launch a beautiful and high-quality commercial on the Internet, on television or radio, you will have to spend a lot. Aspiring businessmen simply do not have enough money to pay for all the “whims” of online advertising, and large brands – and – because they are large, because they know how to competently manage finances and not “pour” them into a bottomless online barrel. Printing production is as cheap as possible, and in terms of efficiency it is in no way inferior to other options. A well-built marketing campaign using printing will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

Printing services of the First Experimental Printing House

In different spheres of our life we ​​cannot do without printing products. So, clients of our printing house can be:

  • businessmen, entrepreneurs;
  • catering establishments owners;
  • educational and cultural workers;
  • marketers;
  • state authorities;
  • writers and other artists;
  • individuals.

The cost of printing services depends on many factors. With each client of the printing house, we individually discuss the order and the services that are included in it. These can be:

Development of design from scratch or from a template. Our experts will create the perfect design for your printing industry, which will quickly give a positive result. If you already have ready-made sketches or wishes, we will definitely take them into account and implement them in the best possible way. Clients are offered different types of paper, technologies, post-printing tools.

Printing printing. You can order digital or offset printing services. In the first case, the order will be ready as soon as possible, it is used for small editions. In the second, the cost of one unit will be the lower, the more units in the circulation. Offset printing will not work quickly, this technology requires lengthy equipment preparation.

Post-printing processing. After the printing process is completed, our work does not end. Post-printing can include folding, binding, cutting, creasing, lamination, binding, foiling, embossing, and other options for making the printed matter look acceptable.

You can order both all stages at once, or each of them separately. We recommend that you approach the issue in a comprehensive manner, so you will be able to save a lot and get the result you expected.

In the “First Experimental Printing House” for operational printing, the price is the most favorable in Kharkov! You can pick up the finished edition by self-pickup from our warehouse or order delivery by courier to any address. For residents of other regions, delivery by any of the popular transport services is valid.

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